How-to Articles (selected)

I’ve included the .pdfs for download so you can see the beautiful art direction in the magazine articles or you can link to them online.

  • The lighting revolution: Choose the right lightbulb      Online | .pdf
  • Build a self-watering planter     Video online | .pdf
  • Should you go solar?        Online | .pdf
  • 5 ways to make your lawn organic        Online | .pdf
  • Build a stunning brick fire pit        Online | .pdf
  • How to remove wallpaper and stay married          Online | .pdf
  • 5 Things you need to know about geothermal heat          Online | .pdf
  • Cut your home insurance bill          Online | .pdf
  • Radon: Straight answers to six key questions          Online | .pdf
  • Super-insulate your attic          Online | .pdf
  • Start ‘em young! DIY for kids          Online | .pdf

Travel Articles


My Mother Myself: Making peace with a difficult mother
Watch me read this essay in front of 500 people during Listen To Your Mother 2013

In a Heartbeat: When a heart murmur isn’t innocent

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